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    Golden Cannoli is a second generation family owned cannoli factory based in Chelsea MA.  They make cannoli shells, cannoli chips and cannoli fillings.  For over 50 years they've been industry leaders in quality, innovation and customer service.  

    In the mid 1960's cousin's Francesco Bono and Angelo Bresciani traveled to the United States, they embarked on a plan to learn english, start a business and live the American Dream.  

    In 1970, after working at various bakeries in Boston's North End, they secured a storefront and started their first bakery in Arlington, MA.  Business was booming, and soon they opened their second location in Somerville, MA.  While in their two small storefront bakeries, they began making cannoli shells and fillings to supply their two stores.  Their cannoli shells and fillings became so popular that local restaurants and even other bakeries asked them to make shells for their businesses as well.  Francesco and Angelo happily agreed and began producing larger quantities, but soon the demand caused them to outgrow their space.  They purchased a vacant building in Somerville, MA for manufacturing exclusively cannoli, and with that Golden Cannoli Shells Co. was born.  

    Today, Golden Cannoli is run by the second generation, cousins Valerie, Maria, Eric and Edwin.  Their 30,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Chelsea MA makes a wide range of cannoli product.  In addition to cannoli shells and traditional filling, they make cannoli chips, chocolate covered shells, and a number of different cannoli creams and filling.  

    In 2015 they launched their grocery line, The Original Cannoli Chip. This crispy sweet snack gives households nationwide a chance fall in love with this popular Italian dessert. The Original Cannoli Chip is traditional Italian cannoli shell, rolled flat, and cut into bite size triangles (perfect for dipping.) They launched
    with three delicious flavors, powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar and cookies & cream. In the summer of 2018 they launched their newest flavor, a bright citrusy lemon chip.  

    Golden Cannoli Shells Co. is the world record holder for the worlds largest cannolo (the singular of cannoli).  They set the record in 2014 at the Feast of Little Italy in Jupiter, FL with a 262.5lb cannolo. All the proceeds from that event went to the Little Smiles of Florida, a volunteer driven nonprofit organization that helps caring professionals bring joy to children in tough situations.  

    For more information about Golden Cannoli, reach out to their Marketing Manager at info@goldencannoli.com.