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    National Cannoli Day 2018

    National Cannoli Day 2018 Golden Cannoli Shells Co.

    National Cannoli Day is a big day for us here at Golden Cannoli Shells Co. and this year, we wanted to make it special for people outside of the baking industry.  We asked people on facebook and instagram to nominate businesses in the Greater Boston area who should receive fresh filled cannoli in honor of this holiday!  The business nominated should give back the the community in some way, and no business was too big or too small.  We also sent original cannoli chips to three individuals who were doing good in their community as well!  

    The Friday before National Cannoli Day, we set out to deliver 1000 combined cannoli to the Gateway Arts Center, Haley House Soup Kitchen, and Spaulding Rehabilitation Center.  Here is some more information on the amazing work these people do!

    Gateway Arts Brookline National Cannoli Day Golden Cannoli Shells Co.  

    Our first stop was Gateway Arts in Brookline.  Their beautiful second floor space, was a busy, filled with artists making work.  Gateway Arts provides adults with disabilities a place to practice art making, receive guidance, and assistance in selling the work.  Their storefront is directly below and well stocked with clothing, fine art, sculpture and paper goods.  They've been operating since 1973 (three years after Golden Cannoli got its start) and some of the original artists and staff are still involved.  They have a ceramics studio, paper crafts area, fibers spaces and more.  Their gallery space had an exhibition called All About Cats and Dogs, up now through Aug 29th 2018 that we really enjoyed.  If you find yourself looking for something to do in Brookline, we highly recommend stopping by their store and gallery space and taking some time to look around!  For more information about the work they do click here

    Haley House National Cannoli Day Golden Cannoli Shells Co.

    Since 1966, Haley House Soup kitchen, located in Boston's South End neighborhood, has provided healthy home cooked meals to people in need.  In addition to providing weekly meal services, they host an elder meals every weekend and run a cafe in Dorchester that provides delicious meals at affordable costs.  Their live in volunteers cook in the soup kitchen in exchange for housing.  Haley house also runs cooking classes as part of a program called "take back the kitchen", for youth and families.  It was inspiring hearing their story, and getting to learn more about their organization.  We provided cannoli for the staff and live in residents at haley house, and then stopped by the cafe to drop off cannoli for the staff there.  (We got a little lunch too, and will definitely be going again.)  For more information about Haley House click here.  

    Spaulding Rehabilitation Center National Cannoli Day Golden Cannoli Shells Co.

    Our final stop was Spaulding Rehabilitation Center in Charlestown.  This new facility overlooks Boston harbor and is the hub of the Spaulding Rehabilitation network.  This drop off was a little trickier, but we were excited because we would be delivering 600 cannoli to the staff that man their inpatient floors as well as their administrative offices.  When we entered each floor, after being let into the double doors, we were greeted by enthusiastic employees who knew it was "cannoli time." For more information about Spaulding Rehabilitation, click here.  

    As we packed up and got ready to head back to our offices (which are right across the water) our team was overwhelmed and in awe of the amazing people who make this city special.  A big thank you to Gateway Arts, Haley House, and Spaulding Rehab for letting us come visit and taking the time to show us around.   It was a fantastic National Cannoli Day for us, we can't wait to do it again next year!



    Cannoli Cream Recipe

    Cannoli Cream Recipe

    Cannoli cream is an essential part of a good cannoli.  If your local store doesn't carry Golden Cannoli filling, don't worry - because today we're sharing a recipe for homemade cannoli filling.  

    This super simple recipe relies on just 3 ingredients, with one essential step; the drying of the ricotta.  Like all cheeses, ricotta is made up of two main components, curds + whey.  When equal parts of these are present in your cheese, ricotta can take on a gritty and grainy texture that most people don't like.  By letting the excess whey drain away, your ricotta will dry out and get nice and creamy when whipped. The ricotta filling we make here uses an extra dry ricotta that makes a super creamy filling, and if you follow the directions below you should be able to get similar results at home! 



    We recommend topping those fresh filled cannoli with your favorite chocolate, nuts or dried fruits.  If you don't have any cannoli shells, check your local grocery store for some cannoli chips and serve up some dessert nachos!  Share photos of your fresh filled cannoli with us using the hashtag #goldencannoli on facebook or instagram! 



    Classic Cannoli Filling

    • 16 oz. Ricotta cheese
    • 1/2 - 3/4 cup confectioner’s sugar (to taste)
    • 1/4 tsp. pure vanilla extract

    Drain the ricotta cheese in cheesecloth for one hour or up do a day in the refrigerator.  If you don't have cheesecloth place it in a colander with fine holes (preferably mesh) and let it drain in there. Using a stand mixer on lowest speed or by hand, beat the ricotta cheese for approximately one minute. Slowly add sugar and continue mixing. Mix in vanilla. Filling can be prepared up to 1-2 days ahead.

    Filling can be thickened, if desired, by beating in one Tbs. of cornstarch at a time until filling reaches desired consistency.

    Use a pastry bag or a plastic storage bag with one corner snipped off to fill shells. Garnish with powdered sugar and/or cinnamon and mini-chocolate chips. Refrigerate filling at least one hour prior to filling shells. Fill Cannoli shells using either a pastry bag or spoon when ready to serve. 

    Single Serving Bags

    Your favorite snack, The Original Cannoli Chips, now come in single serving, 2oz bags. Available in our most popular flavors, powdered sugar, and cinnamon and sugar, these pegged bags are perfect for the customer looking for a quick and easy snack. “We’ve had many retailers and foodservice buyers ask us to make a smaller size for grab-and-go locations, and this size is perfect for vending machines, office areas and airports,” says Ashley Caprio, New Business Development Manager. “This new 2oz. bag would perform best on a spinner rack, a clip strip in the deli, or any grab-and-go location.” They would also be a good fit for convenience stores, where customers are usually on the hunt to satisfy a craving. The new 2oz. pillow-pouch bags have a SRP of 1.99 and are available in a 10-count perforated shelf tray.
    The Original Cannoli chips are a hassle-free way of eating your favorite Italian dessert on the go. Our crunchy cannoli shell dough is cut into our signature triangle shape, then lightly dusted with one of our signature sugars. These sweet treats are perfect for snacking, dipping, or crumbling on top of ice cream or yogurt. A new twist on an old tradition, this nostalgic snack is sure to be a family favorite.


    Lemon Cannoli Chips

    Golden Cannoli is excited to announce an extension to their Original Cannoli Chip line - a new Lemon flavor!  This bright, zesty addition is perfect for summer snacking.  It is a fresh, citrusy twist on their original powdered sugar flavor. The fragrant lemon aroma and taste mixes with their signature powdered sugar coating to transform our cannoli chip into a refreshing and tangy snack. These chips would be great with a tall glass of lemonade, or on their own! They’re a light, low calorie treat, perfect for hot summer days.

    This new addition is joining our traditional powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, and cookies and cream flavored bags. With it’s bright packaging, its sure to pop off the shelves. Like all of the Original Cannoli Chips, the new lemon flavor is available in 5.1 oz re-sealable, gusseted bags, as well as 8-pack branded punch out cases and 6-pack perforated shelf trays.