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    Easy Key Lime Parfaits

    Easy Key Lime Parfaits

    These Key Lime Parfaits are a simple 5 ingredient recipe perfect for hot summer months.  We love how quickly they come together and that you don't need to use your stovetop at all!  We're using our Original Cannoli Chips in powdered sugar to create texture and add more flavor in these easy delicious parfaits.  Experiment and make it your own, we think that our cinnamon or lemon flavors would work really well here too! 

    Here is what you'll need:

    Ingredients for Original Cannoli Chip Key lime parfaits

    • 1/2 cup of lime juice (3-4 medium limes)
    • Zest from one lime
    • 1 can of Sweetened Condensed Milk (12oz)
    • 2 tbsp of confectioners sugar
    • 1 1/2 cup of heavy whipping cream
    • 1 tsp of vanilla extract or paste (optional)
    • 1 bag of Original Cannoli Chips (we used Powdered Sugar) 

    Juicing limes for key lime parfaits made with original cannoli chips

    To start, zest one of your limes and set zest aside.  Then juice your limes until you've collected 1/2 cup of juice.  If using key limes (which can be tricky to find up here in New England) you will need more than 3-4 limes.  Key limes are a little sweeter and more yellow in color than normal limes, but we found that classic limes worked just fine. 

    Combine lime juice with sweetened condensed milk and lime zest

     Combine lime juice with sweetened condensed milk in a large bowl.  Add half of your lime zest (reserve the rest for a garnish) and whisk thoroughly.  Make sure you purchase sweetened condensed milk, not evaporated milk. This is not something you can substitute.  Sweetened condensed milk's unique texture and taste are what give the key lime mousse its delicious creamy texture.  

    Making whipped cream

    Set aside your lime mixture and make your whipped cream.  Combine 1 1/2 cups of chilled heavy whipping cream, 2 tbsp of powdered sugar and 1 tsp of vanilla extract (we love Nielson Massey vanilla) in a bowl.   Whisk using back and forth movements until the whipped cream forms stiff peaks.  You can also use a hand mixer to whip your cream, or even use cool whip as a replacement here.  

    Fold whipped cream into your lime mixture, reserving about 1/2 cup to garnish the top of your parfaits with.  

    Powdered Sugar Cannoli chips

    Open your bag of Powdered Sugar Cannoli Chips and reserve some whole chips for garnishing your parfaits.  Use a rolling pin crush the remaining chips into a crumb that we'll place in between the layers of the parfait.  Original Cannoli Chips have more flavor and texture than traditional shortbread or graham cracker crumbs.  We love the idea of choosing different flavored chips to really add character to a recipe (imagine these parfaits with lemon mousse and lemon chip crumbs!)

    Assembling Key Lime Parfaits made with Original Cannoli Chips

    Now its time to assemble parfaits!  You could use stemless wine glasses, glass yogurt cups or even martini glasses to hold these! We recommend taller skinnier glasses to really show off the layers.  

    Start with a layer of crumbs, then add a layer of your lime mousse.  Alternate until you get to the top, making sure you finish with a layer of mousse.  You can make extra whipped cream and alternate with that too if you want!

    Key lime parfaits with original cannoli chips

    Top the parfaits with the reserved whipped cream, a little lemon zest and an original cannoli chip!  Eat immediately or keep in the fridge.  These can be made up to 48 hours advance, but we recommend making the components in advance and assembling them a few hours before serving.  

    Party Time! How to decorate cannoli shells

    Party Time! How to decorate cannoli shells


    These sprinkle coated chocolate cannoli shells are a fun way to jazz up your favorite traditional Italian dessert.  This is a quick project that produces beautiful results.  Here's what you will need:

    • Chocolate cannoli shells (we like the small 3" ones for this project)
    • Traditional shells (also small)
    • Assorted sprinkles and toppings 
    • Chopsticks or a fork 
    • Wax Paper
    • Cutting board
    • Traditional cannoli filling - recipe here 

    cannoli shells, chocolate cannoli shells, ricotta filling

    For this project we used our chocolate coated shells as a "no mess" solution for dipping shells!  We've done the hard part for you here, all you have to do is warm them up and you'll have a melty shell ready to be rolled in your topping of choice. 

     fresh filled rainbow cannoli shells

    We used traditional rainbow jimmies, rainbow nonpariels, toasted coconut, and a blend of different sprinkles to create these party cannoli.  You could use any dry topping to make these, think about what might top an ice cream sunday and then go from there, you just want to make sure that whatever you choose is small enough to stick to the chocolate.  Here are some suggestions!

    • toasted nuts
    • crushed up pretzels
    • crushed candy cane
    • enlish toffee pieces
    • shredded coconut
    • mini m&m's

    To start, make sure you have all of your topping placed in low shallow bowls and are ready to use.  Plan in advance where you'll be storing these shells too, they need to chill in the fridge and then stay cool until serving.  Once they are melty they'll make more of a mess, we recommend taping a sheet wax paper over a few different cutting boards to make moving and heating them up a little easier.  

    Once youre set up, the chocolate shells need to be warmed.  Our chocolate is a special blend that melts around 80/85 degrees (F).  You can set your oven to "keep warm" (typically around 170-200 degrees) and once it has heated, warm your shells for 5 minutes (on parchment papered baking sheets) or microwave them in 10 second bursts until the chocolate has begun to melt.  

    This is where the fun happens.  Using a chopstick or knife, pick up the cannoli shell from the wax paper and place it in the topping of your choice.  Spoon the sprinkles over the whole shell.  Once it coats an area well you can use your fingers to flip it over and move it around.  Try to avoid touching the melted chocolate with your fingers as it will get everywhere, and pull away from the shell.  

    filled cannoli, fresh filled golden cannoli shells

    After its well coated, use the chopstick or a clean hand to place the shell on the wax paper board.  Finish decorating your shells, then let them set up in the fridge for at least a half hour.  Fill shells with the filling of your choice, you can find our recipe for cannoli cream here.  Or crush up your shells for an awesome ice cream or yogurt topper.  


    Our cannoli shells have a one year shelf life, but because theyre getting reheated and dipped in other material we recommend using them within a few weeks of making.  Store them in a cool dry place where the temperature will not exceed 75 degrees.  

    fresh filled decorated golden cannoli shells




    Cannoli Cream Recipe

    Cannoli Cream Recipe

    Cannoli cream is an essential part of a good cannoli.  If your local store doesn't carry Golden Cannoli filling, don't worry - because today we're sharing a recipe for homemade cannoli filling.  

    This super simple recipe relies on just 3 ingredients, with one essential step; the drying of the ricotta.  Like all cheeses, ricotta is made up of two main components, curds + whey.  When equal parts of these are present in your cheese, ricotta can take on a gritty and grainy texture that most people don't like.  By letting the excess whey drain away, your ricotta will dry out and get nice and creamy when whipped. The ricotta filling we make here uses an extra dry ricotta that makes a super creamy filling, and if you follow the directions below you should be able to get similar results at home! 



    We recommend topping those fresh filled cannoli with your favorite chocolate, nuts or dried fruits.  If you don't have any cannoli shells, check your local grocery store for some cannoli chips and serve up some dessert nachos!  Share photos of your fresh filled cannoli with us using the hashtag #goldencannoli on facebook or instagram! 



    Classic Cannoli Filling

    • 16 oz. Ricotta cheese
    • 1/2 - 3/4 cup confectioner’s sugar (to taste)
    • 1/4 tsp. pure vanilla extract

    Drain the ricotta cheese in cheesecloth for one hour or up do a day in the refrigerator.  If you don't have cheesecloth place it in a colander with fine holes (preferably mesh) and let it drain in there. Using a stand mixer on lowest speed or by hand, beat the ricotta cheese for approximately one minute. Slowly add sugar and continue mixing. Mix in vanilla. Filling can be prepared up to 1-2 days ahead.

    Filling can be thickened, if desired, by beating in one Tbs. of cornstarch at a time until filling reaches desired consistency.

    Use a pastry bag or a plastic storage bag with one corner snipped off to fill shells. Garnish with powdered sugar and/or cinnamon and mini-chocolate chips. Refrigerate filling at least one hour prior to filling shells. Fill Cannoli shells using either a pastry bag or spoon when ready to serve.