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    Lemon Cannoli Chips

    Golden Cannoli is excited to announce an extension to their Original Cannoli Chip line - a new Lemon flavor!  This bright, zesty addition is perfect for summer snacking.  It is a fresh, citrusy twist on their original powdered sugar flavor. The fragrant lemon aroma and taste mixes with their signature powdered sugar coating to transform our cannoli chip into a refreshing and tangy snack. These chips would be great with a tall glass of lemonade, or on their own! They’re a light, low calorie treat, perfect for hot summer days.

    This new addition is joining our traditional powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, and cookies and cream flavored bags. With it’s bright packaging, its sure to pop off the shelves. Like all of the Original Cannoli Chips, the new lemon flavor is available in 5.1 oz re-sealable, gusseted bags, as well as 8-pack branded punch out cases and 6-pack perforated shelf trays.